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About the Artist

Izabela Sawicka was born in 1978 in a small town in Poland.

Professional photographer, she lives and works today in Paris.

Izabela is revealed very early on by creative inclinations. She left her hometown at 15 to study painting and drawing, then scenography and visual communication at the School of Fine Arts.

Seeking to pursue her dream of living in an art capital, deepening her horizons, knowledge and perfecting her technique, Izabela arrived in Paris in 2003 where she entered the school of Image and Design Trades.

From these courses, juggling between concepts and plasticity, she conserves and exploits an all-embracing, essayist singularity, offering pictorial, theatrical, graphic and sculptural dimensions to her photographs.

Between single source and diffused light, saturated colors in densified chiaroscuro, she poses as an illusionist of the staging according to her imagination. Always putting people at the center of its decorations and at the heart of its narration, it recreates space like a painter would reinvent the composition of his canvas, dressing his characters with romantic, dramatic elegance and often with an erotic touch. The photographer thus deploys, with the pastel and tangy filter of her graphic palette, under an inordinate naivety, a magical universe at the edge of our own childish nostalgia and the kitsch aesthetic veil, essential need in order to forget the drama of the human condition.

Since 2010, Izabela has regularly presented her works at both individual and group exhibitions, in France and abroad, in free and committed projects.