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Natalie Laudon is a French artist born in 1960. Originally from the Côte d'Azur, Natalie Laudon worked leather from a very young age with her father. Thanks to this, she created a leather handbag brand a few years later, which was to be a resounding success in several large brands. She then decides to leave to live in New York to see develop her business. In this global and very diverse city, she discovers a large number of different artistic communities. Nathalie Laudon spends as much time with street artists as with new representatives of pop-art. She is on the lookout for inspiration. It is also in New York that she meets a painter. It was with this man that Nathalie Laudon returned to France a few years later and decided to start a family. In a completely unexpected and spontaneous way, it is ultimately his children who will offer him new sources of inspiration, from cartoons to comics, his art takes a new turn.