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About the Artist

Photographer and globetrotter, his camera never left him during his many trips. (South America, New Zealand, Australia, Reunion Island, Thailand, Indonesia, Libya ...)

At that time, it was the photography of the moment that he preferred: from the beauty and originality of the landscapes, to the singularity and spontaneity of the faces.

A sincere, endearing and intimate look is reflected in each of his photos, which are then perceived as a real slice of life, inviting to a change of scenery.

Once settled in Paris, he begins to take an interest in digital techniques, and his style naturally evolves towards a work which is directed more towards the staging than at the moment.

His gaze becomes more meticulous and perfectionist.

Whether it's an unusual place, an ordinary landscape, or a portrait, his technique allows him to create a surreal universe, where the smallest detail is important.

Here everything is detail.

The need to scrutinize, to inspect the photo is felt: this super-reality becomes so meticulous and so harmonious, that it immediately intrigues us.

We can thus discover, on the same photo, several stories, several anecdotes on the place, on the life, the interests and the character of the characters.

Interested more and more in the staging, he decides to mix his own photos with the inlay of Comic characters.

This original style opened the doors of Galeries d'Art to him.

He regularly participates in charity auctions.